Royal Institution BarWho we are?

“Simple, but Better”

For the rare and the spirited. The Royal Institution originated as an organisation promoting Literature, Science and the Arts in 1814 before being granted its royal charter in 1821.

Now in a new era, we strive to keep the foundations of its history and themes, most notably John James Audubon’s iconic ‘Birds of America’ exhibition of the early 1800’s. Our décor is an homage to the rich cultural history of the building we are privileged to inhabit.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the three iconic rooms will take you on an expedition of fine wine, spirits, signature and classic cocktails done “Simple, but Better”.

Crafted for those who enjoy the finer things in life, these fine drinks are lauded for their depth, intensity and ability to age gracefully.


Creating perfection is a learning process. Constantly evolving and adapting. Never standing still. The world of Mixology will entice those with the passion to discover.